Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weds July 25th: Craig Lawrence "Fashion In Motion" at the V&A Museum

Whilst a major British fashion event was happening in the West country at Port Eliot, Craig Lawrence was in London taking over the V&A for his Fashion In Motion afternoon stream of retrospective shows.  Without Star Trek type technology to transport me between the two, I couldn't attend to witness his body of work wrap itself around the bodies of models in one concise delivery.   However, Zoe Hitchen was waiting in the wings to capture the magic on lens and has sent over these beautiful shots to share which Ive arranged in a chronological order of collections.  I first saw this incredible star formation garment at Craig's graduation show from CSM - how marvellous that in only a few years he has kept those knitting needles clacking and crochet hook hoovering up cosmic yarns to create ground breaking garms.  Congratulations Craig and well done to the V&A for hosting this special moment in Craig's career!  Thank you Zoe for the photos!
Make sure you see the current show "Ballgowns" in the Fashion Galleries to find Craig's gold foil entry in the mix.

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April Louise said...

Wow these photos are stunning!