Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Weds March 23rd: Interview with Lucy Bridge

I first came aware of the idiosyncratic British beauty that is Lucy Bridge via a fashion story in i-D for which Tim Walker and Jacob K had discovered her on a No.55 bus. It was one of those editorials that cements why it as a seminal magazine - melding the honest purity of street style with the fantasy aspiration of new season's luxury. Lucy was photographed resplendent and coyly cheeky, dressed all in Chanel which must have arrived as a dream come true for a makeup artist obsessed with the heritage of the Parisian house. But, this is only the beginning of the story and the moment that brought Lucy out from the behind the scenes of the beauty team and into the limelight of the lens that loves her languid long lash stare.
Originally hailing from Preston, and sights set on New York (similar to another Manchester born makeup artist Kabuki) Lucy graduated and moved down to London to explore the industry. Attention to detail of made up eyebrows instilled from her own mother's makeup, triggered off a passion to pursue the medium. Initially Lucy experimented with bold colours and combinations on herself for nights out where she then fortuitously gravitated towards similar minds and set up a strong collective of friends. This contingent are the underground stars, side stepping assisting roles and producing new content currently hitting your unconscious (e.g Jack Borkett - Edward Enninful's assistant). Lucy has been appointed contributing beauty editor of i-D online providing a platform to execute all of her freshest i-deas. When you open the next issue of the magazine you will also find new musicians styled up by her and Tom Berry (Sam McKnight's assistant). .
Whilst gaining coverage from other titles such as W Magazine, and Sunday Times Style, Lucy was also head hunted last year by Evans to represent the brand's new capsule collection with model Tara Lynn alongside guest designer Beth Ditto. It was at Beth's birthday party recently that I met Lucy and Ive included a photo from that night to show her current colour incarnation of dark hair, black kohl licked lids and Berlin beetle tattoo. With muses like Crystal Renn , Lucy is open to opportunities for getting involved in more modelling if the project fits the bill. Its an exciting future with the different doors opening, attracting attention from disparate sources........ to stay in touch with these developments (and hair colour updates!) follow Lucy's blog. To see her portfolio, click here.

(Photos: Top 2 images Tim Walker, photo-booth self portraits, Emma Tempest, Michelle Webb, bottom glass plate portrait by Walter Hugo)

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