Saturday, 29 April 2017

Saturday 29th April: Labrum's SS17 Collection 'Postmodernism'

One of our RunDemCrew family has been working VERY hard over the last few years, sewing the seeds and sewing the seams into his very own menswear brand.  Now launching the SS17 Collection 'Postmodernism', Fodz has his very own flagship store in the Truman Brewery for the occasion.  With the campaign images shot against the city skyline backdrop up on the roof, the immense building is now home to his boutique for the bank holiday weekend.  Here are snaps from the launch night, courtesy of Magda Kagwa from 3rd Rail who worked with Fodz on the his signature screen-printed tote bags.⠀Head down to Brick Lane to catch the Labrum showroom and shop over the next few days! 

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wednesday 26th April: JBL World Record

Last night JBL set a new audio world record for the most number of wireless speakers to play simultaneously, connected to a single source.  1000 of its portable speakers were installed in The Village Underground and aligned to play tracks by the brand's new ambassador, Tinie Tempah.  Here is also a shot of my favourite device which has an illuminated spectrum case of LED's that flash thru the entire rainbow in a gradient pulse.  The range of hand-held bluetooth speakers are also water-proof as demonstrated by this water-tank at the the event.  Therefore they are perfect for taking out to the park for picnics in rainy England or sunbathing on beaches and taking in swimming pools on holiday!  I was lucky enough to be gifted a Flip 4 model which I can't wait to use out on a run.............. especially as I actually ran to the party!

Head over to my fitness blog to see a video clip of the rainbow lights in action here.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thursday 20th April: Zoe's Ghana Kitchen in Soho & Print

Congratulations Zoe Adjonyoh on not only a new restaurant premises but also a debut cook book to coincide!  Zoe has branched out from her Brixton site to bring her own contemporary West African dining to Soho with a six month residency at The Sun & 13 Cantons.   This means you can either have a full sit-down multi course experience or simply bar snacks if you're only stopping for a drink.  Its going to become a Soho standard over the Summer, situated in the epicentre of the media world where the streets get packed out in the sunny evenings, irrespective of day of the week!  You may recognise Zoe already for work with Nigel Slater on promoting African cuisine with her new fresh spin on the classics.  Taste her Jollof Fried Chicken and you can take the sensation home with you, either via jars of her house jollof relish or pick up the book to learn how to make your own!  Win, Win, Win!

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday 18th April: New, New Covent Garden Market

Such as is the way with everything in London at the moment and it's redevelopment........... New Covent Garden Market has been relocated.  It's still in Vauxhall but a little further away, nearer the fruit and veg market ........... so leave extra time to get there!  Find out all the details here

New Covent Garden Market, London, SW8 5BH

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Thursday 13th April: Jenny Lewis "Hackney Studios" - the book

"Hackney Studios" by Jenny Lewis is a record of East London's personal creative havens. A family tree in order of each artist's tip of the next to feature = including my recommendation of Rosy Nicholas who is the cover star! Here I am in 2013 at Lighthouse Studios which is a space I have since given up, like a large percentage of artists in the series.  Here is a soundbite I wrote for Jenny in 2015 when the project was covered by The Guardian:  "Hackney, I lost you': the London creatives priced out of their studios"

"Stepping off the bus into Dalston for the very first time to find Peter Jensen's studio in 2001, I not not only found work experience but a whole a new life experience.  This is where I followed suit to settle in the city.  This is where I planted my roots and recently witnessed the canopy of high-rises bionically shoot up. The shadow of redevelopment has literally been cast over the multicultural magic of Ridley Road.  A Shoreditch stampede flooded in from the city at the weekend, stopped out and not gone home.   The artist’s warehouse studios are now a flicker of PC screensavers between partitioned walls.  It’s the future, its real time, its IRL.  It’s city life.  Its metamorphosis.  Its survival of the fittest.  Its history in the making and taking over.  Too quick.  Too soon. Its out of control. I couldn’t hold on. I’m out of positive spin and been spun out. I’ve gone.  Hackney I LOVE YOU. I lost you."

Above are my snaps from Jenny's book launch where she made an exhibition of the leaves from the book as a tree to show how the evolution evolved into each branch of friendship to follow.

Buy the book on Hoxton Mini Press here.