Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Thursday 26th May: Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro, Mayfair

The third gallery of Yayoi Kusama 's newest work at Victoria Miro's Mayfair site - here are details from the series of paintings "My Eternal Soul"

Weds 25th May: Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro

Victoria Miro's latest exhibition of new work from Yayoi Kusama spans across all three of the London spaces.  At the Wharf Road galleries, she has created three immersive mirror rooms: "All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins", "Chandelier of Grief" and "Where the Lights in My Heart Go".  I was lucky enough to attend the preview yesterday morning in the glorious sunshine, perfect for their pond of floating chrome balls “Narcissus Garden” and the new mirror room positioned on the adjacent decking.  To view from the outside, the box reflects the greenery of the garden but once inside, it feels like a tardis planetarium.  Tiny holes dotted in each wall allow shards of light to stream thru in constellations and a totally different way to experience Yayoi Kusama's patterns.  I won't explain anything else so as not to ruin the rest of the surprise in store for you.  Make sure you visit Victoria Miro's Angel Islington site to experience these wonders for yourself and check out the gift shop of silk pumpkins available........... however, sadly not the cosmic shirts as worn by the invigilators!  

Victoria Miro, 16 Wharf Road, London N1 7RW

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday 24th May: Photo London at Somerset House cont........

My final set of snaps from Photo London, international photography fair at Somerset House......... I visited 4 days in a row to get round it all!  Here are some more of my favourites and the free Rankin photobooth "Rankomat" which used a certain arrangement of bright flashes to give you that Rankin flawless finish.
(Top to bottom:  "Havana 1994" by Alex Webb in the Leica gallery, Omar Victor Diop, "Sans titre, 1952-55" by Seydou Keita, Hamidou Maiga, ? , Yves Saint-Laurent 1964 by Marc Riboud, Paloma Picasso Paris 1978 by Helmut Newton, "Robert Mapplethorpe adorning his jewelry" 1971 by Gerard Malanga, Thierry Mugler 1997 by Sarah Moon,

Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday 23rd May: Walter & Zoniel's "The Untouched" at Photo London

Walter and Zoniel have just set up studio to make their largest tintypes to date ....... and possibly the world.  They hand-built developing-trays large enough to process life-size portraits for the biggest pin-hole camera they've ever pieced together.  After years of searching for the perfect lens, they got their hands on one with exposure times reaching 30 seconds.  With this technology they have devised a project in collaboration with the V&A Museum to capture some of the most photographed personalities of our time.  The outcome will be these metal sheet portraits that will last a thousand years, when every other image will have disappeared.  Paul Smith and Laura Marling are the first subjects of the series and visited Somerset House to sit (stand) for the portraits.  This first soft-launch for "The Untouched" was set up in the "Deadhouse" vaults before moving to the V&A later in the Summer for the public to witness the rest of the process.  The equipment will be transported and set up as a site-specific installation in the galleries ......... including the essential tool of a gym ball, which helps them handle and tilt the giant plate at 45 degrees to coat each corner in the light-sensitive solution.  Here you can also see a test of Zoniel when they were first experimenting with how to position the plate so that the focus fell on exactly the right height for the image to be a true representation of their height.  As usual they are making art, magic and science happen all at the same time.

Follow their Instagram to see what unfolds who else will pose bare-foot ......... and see their other concurrent works including this portrait of Ellen Von Unwerth also on show at Photo London c/o their gallery Gazelli Art House

Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday 20th May: Photo London at Somerset House

The whole of Somerset House has been hung with photography this weekend for the 2nd year of the Photo London fair.  International museums, galleries and auctioneers are exhibiting both historical and contemporary works spanning all mediums and techniques of the artform.  I need to return to get round the entire showcase as I only managed to see about half in one day!  Here are some of my favourites including (top to bottom) George Osodi at Z Photographic, Andrew Esiebo at Tiwani Contemporary, Pieter Hugo , ? , Cecil Beaton, Thomas Hoepker, Arlene Gottfried, ? , The Magic Lantern Show and the first night of the "Deadhouse Sessions" parties taking place in the vaults every night which launched yesterday with a YOYO X Anon takeover, showing prints by Matt Stuart.