Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wednesday 22nd June: R.I.P Jo Cox

R.I.P Jo Cox who would have been 42 today.  Here is the mooring of her house-boat last night, where flowers have been laid ahead of a procession down the Thames and gathering in Trafalgar Square today.

Thursday 22nd June: Stonewall x Absolut LGBT Pride Campaign

Absolut and Stonewall have partnered on a series of designer customised bottles to raise money for LGBT charity through an online auction via Givergy.  Here is my bottle for which I found every colour of the spectrum to make the entire rainbow for Pride. Bottles are covered in sequins and rhinestones at carnival, so this is my interpretation of a celebration theme but making it with my signature folded foil ruffles.  I believe that any visibility of support to Pride is a positive step to pushing the message of world peace and the rainbow works perfectly on the iconic Absolut bottle.  Big Ups to them for making this campaign #AbsolutPride.

The auction closes during Pride this weekend in London.  Check out the other designers including Henry Holland, SIBLING, Gareth Pugh, Piers Atkinson, Princess Julia (see above) and more here, then bid over on the GIVERGY platform here

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunday 19th June: New Tate Modern

This weekend the Tate have opened the doors to their new structure which has been growing towards the sky, behind the power-station on the Thames.  It looms in different angular directions, with an exoskeleton of ventilated brick-work so that you can see thru to the gallery inside.  It's awesome.  The interior curves of cement makes it feel as monumental as the Guggenheim which is really exciting for London.  Just scaling each of the 10 floors is an adventure on its own, so the art was just a bonus on this first visit.  As you can see, there is a room of beds for when you might need a break!  
The new free exhibitions include work by Louise Bourgeois, Rebecca Horn, Lygia Clark, Yayoi Kusama ............ a great representation of female artists amongst the collection of international modern and contemporary art.  I need to go again to reach the summit viewing point and get round all of the shows............  
Look out for Michael Craig-Martin's pink and green TFL roundel's at Southwark as a commission from "Art On The Underground" to celebrate the new gallery opening.......... 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuesday 14th June: Kitty Joseph Studio Visit

A peak inside the spectrum studio of Kitty Joseph and her cosmic patterns, pleating and inspirations.  Her new season plastic purses are winging their way over to stockists in Japan - here she is holding one as a preview.  Catch last season's clutches here before they go. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Monday 13th June: Christopher Ræburn SS17

The galactic closing of the MCM show could have been a cliff-hanger to the opening of Christopher Ræburn's own show "Launch" inspired by the "Race for Space".  For SS17 his signature workwear style is referencing space-wear with over-sized pockets and straps in a fire / water resistant fabric called Nomex.  The sci-fi white paper fabric Tyvek provides the lighter weight pieces (see top pic here) layered with mesh and accessorised with rocket back-packs.  One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.............. came in the form of a footwear collaboration with Clarks on astronaut utilitarian trooper sole sandals.