Monday, 13 August 2018

Monday 13th August: Boiler Room's "System" at Somerset House

It's August, and that spells only one thing for me = Carnival! Specifically Notting Hill Carnival!

This year I began celebrations with Boiler Room at Somerset House, where they have partnered with musician / performance artist Gaika who is a resident artist in their studios initiative. Gaika has created an interactive 
soundsystem installation using audio and visual archive footage of Notting Hill Carnival. This material spans the history having been sourced from the Black Cultural Archives, the BFI and Boiler Room's own recent recordings.  The month long project coincides with Carnival and the 70 year Windrush Anniversary to celebrate the positive cultural impact of migration in London and the UK. This explores themes from creative expression to more political aspects such as anti-authoritarianism which have been unique direct effects of sound system culture.
The sculpture is fully interactive for visitors to take over SYSTEM through an audio input jack. Once plugged in, the installation will be fully responsive to the beat with changing images and video. A webcam fitted at the installation will stream live on throughout SYSTEM's duration at Somerset House Studios.  In addition to the static sound, there is also a schedule of live events with a different headliner curating a night each week.  I went down to the opening with DJ Judah's roster representing UKG and Jungle with a sprinkling of Soca and Afrobeats.  Last week was the classic Dub takeover of Carnival stalwarts Abi Shanti and this week will be BBZ's takeover focusing on the marginalised LGBTQI+ POC collectives who are traditionally left out of Carnival celebrations.

There's so much going on with these Summer parties twice a week and talks and events around the installation, be sure to check out the listings here.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Tuesday 7th August: "True Colours" at Newport Street Gallery

"True Colours" is the new group show at Newport Street Gallery with three female artists exploring bold colour in painting including Boo Saville‘s gradients "Colour Fields" , Helen Beard and Sadie Laska.  Heaven for a colour hunter like me!  

Tuesday 7th August: Ibiza Holiday

Ive been to Ibiza on a yoga holiday for the second time but found a new side to the island I hadn't experienced before.  Since running the trails in Chamonix earlier this Summer I was now intrigued to  explore the hills via the tracks and coastal paths to find its flora & fauna and unexpected little forage.  This was made possible thanks to Kitty of "Outdoor People" for the idea, navigation and yoga chats along the way!  “Outdoor People” is a social enterprise, with a mission to make the outdoors easy for everyone, and in particular for families, kids and communities in London. Its also an equipment shop in Netil Market in Hackney which I look forward to checking out, especially for these colourful sustainable bags by Cotopaxi.

The other set of images here are from a hotel I discovered whilst looking up a hillside from swimming in the sea at a bay called Portinax.  I could see some interesting awnings so wandered up to have a look and found the most beautiful interior design EVER.  All the rooms from the reception to the bar, restaurant and shop are covered in colour and curiosities gathered from around the world with a bit of retro 1960's sprinkled inbetween.  It's literally my idea of heaven all in one location.  It's a hotel called Los Enamorados (The Lovers) so I would love to return to see inside the rooms too - apparently everything is for sale!  If any one reading this is visiting the island, this is my top tip!

See the rest of my yoga retreat over on my fitness blog here.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Friday 27th July: Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The London Mastaba at The Serpentine

Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "The London Mastaba" temporary sculpture made of coloured barrels is currently on show floating in the The Serpentine Lake.  It looks impressive in photos but it's even more incredible in real life.  For one, its massive and secondly the painted colours are the perfect contrast to the setting in the park.  I discovered it as a destination on a run but you can also enjoy it whilst swimming, boating or walking.  This is most certainly not one to be missed!  Christo has funded the entire project himself from sales of previous works and is leaving a legacy at The Serpentine Lake with ecological investment after the sculpture has gone. This includes creating new habitats for terrestrial invertebrate, waterfowl refuges, heron baskets and bird and bat boxes.  LEGEND.

Here is also a snap of the Serpentine Pavilion for this year (designed by Architect Frida Escobedo) which is outside the gallery.  

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Tuesday 24th July: Frieze Sculpture Park 2018

Returning for a second year, the success of the Frieze Sculpture Park has opened with twenty five artists curated by Clare Lilley (Yorkshire Sculpture Park).  These contemporary pieces include this selection of my faves by (top to bottom): Kimsooja's "Needle Woman & Sky", Rana Begum's "No. 814", Larry Achiampong's "Pan African Flags For the Relic Travellers' Alliance", Conrad Shawcross "Optic Labyrinth", Virgina Overton's "Untilted" and Richard Woods "Holiday Home".
Check out all the works until 7th October and use the App to navigate the plots and artists.

See last year's collection here.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Friday 15th July: "Indirect Sunlight" by Laura Aldridge & James Rigler at NOW Gallery

"Indirect Sunlight" by Laura Aldridge & James Rigler is the latest exhibition residency in the sunlit space at NOW Gallery.  The glass walled gallery is in perfect position for this show which features potting seeds as its interactive activity.  As a visitor you can make your own newspaper compost pocket to either take away to plant at home or leave amongst the sculptures to germinate on site.  Last night was the opening party with ceramic vessels full of nasturtiums to lay the foundations of greenery to take over for the duration of the exhibition.  I think that it's colour which is always at the heart of the artists chosen to exhibit here from Yinka Lori's geometric painted furniture to Molly Goddard's tulle dresses.  Following suit, Laura's textiles are layered in harmonic hues and ripple in the breeze blowing in from the Peninsula.  To compliment these tones are the slips and glazes on the ceramic planters and gourd bubble fountain by James.  His pastel shade and shallow lily-pad trays are clay canvases to be filled with the paper plant pots from visitor's creations.
Here are snaps from the opening with floral Pimms and canapes by Craft London.

Check out the schedule for gallery planting workshops with Urban Growth here