Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday 2nd Dec: "Self Styled, Dare To Be Different" book launch

Here is Anthony Lycett at his book launch last night for  "Self Styled, Dare To Be Different" with an exhibition of prints inc. Dame Zandra Rhodes, Jenkin Van Zyl, Aymeric Bergada du Cadet and Molly Parkin.  The book is out now!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Thursday 1st December: Anthony Lycett's "Self Styled"

Anthony Lycett has been documenting Londoner's unique styles since 2008 and is just about to release the ultimate record of the whole project to date "Self Styled". It's unbelievable and incredible that he has found and captured so many unique characters. Just like the subject matter, this book is a real one-off. Here are the questions he asked me for my entry which was photographed so many years ago!

A:  Which item of clothing you own means most to you and why?

F:  A blue rope couture top by ThreeAsFOUR which Angela sent to me from NYC for my 30th birthday.  So thoughtful, kind, generous and cosmic - a real honour.

A:  Where do you get your clothes from?

F:  Mostly I'm lucky to be given pieces but I also love a little vintage shop on the Holloway road "Blue 17".

A:  Can you pinpoint the turning point in your life when you felt that you broke free of style convention and went your own way?

F:  When I left school and went to art college at 16.  I could wear whatever I wanted every day!

A:  Were there signs of non conforming from an early age?

F:  Yes!  I wore my knickers on my head.

A:  Do you think your identity defines what you choose to wear?

F:  It's personal and different to everyone.

A:  Where does the urge come from to dress the way you do?

F:  I have no idea.  It's just an innate feeling.  It's actually totally contradictory to my shy personality.

A:  Your favourite quote?

F:  "Make the most of the moment, and the memory will last a lifetime"  a text message from my dad.

A:  What do you have for breakfast?

F:  Weektabix and tea in a rainbow mug

A:  Your hopes for the future?

F:  For humans to become more open, understanding, accepting, compassionate and supportive of others differences.

A:  How does the way you present yourself affect your behaviour, the way your interact with people
F:  The major factor is if you feel comfortable and then you are at ease with everyone else.

A:  What would you like people think about you when they see you in the street?

F:  I'd like to inspire other people to wear more colour and realise that it's a joyful thing and not scary at all.

Get a copy of "Self Styled" here.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tuesday 29th Noveember: "Its A London Thing" stockists

My book has been spotted in the shops of the Tate Modern, Barbican, Design Museum and as a Secret Santa gift at someone's office Christmas party!  Just incase you'd like to get your hands on a copy in time for festive presents you can pick one up instore or online at Art Words or Waterstones, and also instore at Oliver Bonas, Maiden & KK Outlet

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Saturday 26th November: Hyper Japan Christmas Market

Just when you think you might know what to except from a day out at Hyper Japan, you get served a cat carved into your cappuccino.  The craft of "3D Latte Art" was being demonstrated for visitors to appreciate how a "dog in a bath" is moulded with precision individual dollops of foam for each detail.  Incredible!  It's just one of the live arts on the timetable for the 3 day event on this weekend catering for those interested in all aspects of modern Japanese culture.  There's a concourse of food stalls serving up octopus donuts to a gaming arcade for the latest consoles and DDR dance revolution stages.  I love all the stalls of little ridiculous accessories like jewelled phone cases and cat ear headbands.  I discovered an irresistible Unicorn shaped phone charger and spent an unusually long time in the cooking utensil section with the heart shaped toasty templates.  I was also assured that this is officially the cheapest place to get an alpaca this weekend with both Black Friday and Christmas discounts.  Reassuring news for all the girls dressed as shepherdesses holding hooks and the soft toy lamas nestling in the crook of their arm.  This is my favourite thing - all the costumes and the time that they have gone to in constructing them.  Even the boys have fox tails hanging out of the back of their jeans. 

If you're fed up of Itsu on the high street, head down to Tabacco Dock this weekend for Panda face rice balls, grilled sushi burgers  and sparkling sake cocktails.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday 25th November: Gems Jams in Margate

A weekend in Margate for Gemma Cairney's new clubnight "Gems Jams" including visits to the Turner Contemporary gallery, Dreamland arcade, Roost rotisserie and Haeckels - - "Organically Crafted Wild Fragrance & Seaweed Skincare harvested from the Margate's coastline" which is the most beautifully presented and scented place I have ever been!