Friday 31 August 2012

Friday 31st Aug: Louis Vuitton & Kusama – The Whitney Museum, NY with Fiona Leahy Design

Last month Fiona Leahy Design were involved in the worldwide LVMH Kusama take over, to produce and design the W Magazine’s dinner and celebration at the Whitney Museum.  Inspired by Kusama’s use of mirror, reflectivity and love of red and specifically an early portrait of the artist surrounded by dahlias, the team designed this cosmic dinner..............including a neon strip which underlit runners containing thousands of dahlias in shades of red orange and pink to be like botanical ‘go faster’ stripes stretching down each table. The London crew took a few of their collaborators with them to the Big Apple including The Broken Hearts DJs and Jellymongers Bompas and Parr who created a wobbling sculptural jelly installation inspired by Kusama’s organic forms.......... needless to say I am a little bit "jelly" to have missed out on this party!  Looks absolutely incredible!  Follow Fiona on Twitter  or Facebook for what is to unfold at the London LV store for Vogue's Fashion Night's Out with Francesca Burns and The Broken Hearts on Sept 6th.
Visit the Whitney Museum site to see more of the exhibition "Fireflys On The Water" which runs till Oct 28th.

All photos courtesy of the wonderful Belathée

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