Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday 27th April: 7 Deadly Sins

Vanni was delayed flying in from Milan so unfortuneatly for him but fortuisully for me .......... I joined Anna for the last London performance of "7 Deadly Sins" by The Tiger Lillies. She 1st took me to see them in 2005, so I have had a few years to digest and grow to love thier witty poetic lyrics on themes of beastiality, rape, murder, terminal illness,............. all things we should not laugh at but somehow they manage to reduce you to tears of laughter and extreme cheek ache.

In this new show I was mesmerised by the eerie sounds from the doublebass player transfering his bow over to a musical saw on a few tunes. And equally captivated to watch him conjure and manipulate the atmostphere playing his Theremin. Here you can see Martyn's beautifully decorated green accordion (complete with name inlay), custom-made by Fantini of Italy.

"Cult London 3 piece The Tiger Lillies play a twisted fusion of pre-war Berlin cabaret and avant garde music hall in deranged anarchic gypsy style.. .................................The Trio are fronted by singer Martyn Jacques who trained himself as an opera singer with a castrati style voice of heartbreaking beauty"

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