Monday, 2 June 2008

Saturday 31st May: Brit Chic

4 mini fashion films at the BFI as part of the Fashion In Film Festival. The 2 highlights being firstly "Pacemaker: Biba (1970) and secondly "Insight - Zandra Rhodes" (1981). It was fascinating to see both Barbara Hulanicki and Zandra Rhodes in their prime looking totally dazzling caught on candid camera in these fly-on-the- wall documentaries. Equally fascinating to see the scrumptious and sumptuous surroundings that they wonder both visionaries have had such success in interiors aswell as frocks. But the best, best thing was Zandra's eyebrow/s that morphed in design and positioning on a daily basis and put on in one stroke.

(Here is an original 70's Zandra fan invite that I have in my room............nestled upright in the Grace Jones record collection)

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