Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tue 22 July: Clinkerchink!

Preparations have been under way, getting ready for Friday late / Village Fete at the V&A museum where Teo and I are masterminding a photo booth stall "Pose Me A Postcard". Mishkin are our chief photographers and many hands have been helping make the props and costumes to replicate the postcards selected from the V&A catalogue.
Its a timed game which was our main objective with this project. To reinstate that adrenalin frenzy once encountered with the "chocolate game" at kids birthday parties. Or perhaps a little like the erratic anxious energy of the contestants on the "Crystal Maze". So if you fancy a go at our dress-up portrait bonanza head down to Exhibition road at the weekend. Other stalls include "Helium Kareokee" and "Foam Topiary". Other stall holders include Tatty Devine and Rob Ryan.

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