Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday 18th August: Work It The Next Installment

From the club night behind one of my favourite blogs "" comes the latest edition falling on carnival weekend. If you can't make it down, just check out the blog for the best in observational untainted street style from East London to L.A. Quite often with a dash of humour . Such posts have picked up on the "bow tie" trend and comments such as "you cant swing a cat in hackney without seeing someone in a high waist!!!".
. ( The writer is also a contributor to and racked up 44 comments in unamused outcry to this post:

Ive been known to throw on a checked shirt from time to time, lets be honest it just works.

But the question is HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF PLAID*?

*including flannels, gingham, checks and tartan).

Surely someone had to say it?!

Photographs from a Work It attendee:

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