Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tues 9th September: Nights Out

Here are Metronomy playing at Hiro, NYC snapped this summer by Kim Howells who styled their most recent video "Heartbreaker" (directed by Daniel Brereton for Warp Films). I have covered videos that the trio have produced for this album because they are always great fun, just like their live performance. For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure, it involves flashing lights on their chests and a choreographed dance troop. This unswerving idiosyncratic flair has propelled Metronomy from the die-hard underground circuit to a greater global fanbase and well earned anticipation for this 2nd album.
In 2006, I remember Helen practising dance moves at our studio and going home to make a Badger mask for the video of "Trick or Treatz" and wondering what the hell she was up to . I love that they have stuck to their guns in a very particular sense of humour and always put 110% energy and detail into every side of their profile and projects.

Metronomy are Joseph Mount joined by Gabriel Stebbing and Oscar Cash...........from right to left in the bottom picture.

They are playing live to launch the album this Friday 12th at Rough Trade on Dray Walk, Brick Lane at 7pm.

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