Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday 27th October: Rainbow Day Part 2

I had to go to Selfridges today to drop something off and FLIPPED OUT! Where did these devine rainbow Prom Dresses come from? Who gave me a brain scan and fed the data into a pattern cutting dream machine? PETER JENSEN that's who. Peter, if you are listening, I NEED THESE!!!!!!!!!!! I have a suspicion you know that anyway!
(Anecdote time for anyone who is interested..............Q. Where were you on the 11/09/2001? A. I was interning for Peter Jensen. At the end of the placement, his studio mates Abake gave me a yellow T-Shirt to commemorate the daily laugh I had unwittingly given them with an in-house guessing game of what colour I would be. Thanks guys!)

On a day like today when I see something so pertinently supposed to be in my wardrobe, but sufficient funds non applicable, it takes me back to another occasion of remorse. I once found this Thierry Mugler jazzy number in a thrift shop in Chinatown NYC for $460. I had to try it on, take it off, bid farewell to an undiscovered friend and leave with the pain of suppressing tears welling. I just found this pic on the net at a current price of $15,000! OMG! Why, oh why, oh why...........

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angelina said...

i love the dress down on the right side!