Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Tues 07 October: Rainbow Water Baby

I still can't get over the Fredtasticalaesthetical heaven that was the JCDC last week. Clouds on blue sky? Rainbows? House Hat? Sgt Pepper Jacket in primary felts? Ouch, its a 'tick every box' in my dreamland overload. I kind of don't want to believe it really happend. Just the store opening in London left me with a heavy dose of chromatic psychosis.
So I need a few more days to process all the information.

I had a similar incident when I discovered these insanely cosmic colour delights on Chloe Bells blog "Chloe Makes". On an application to join me at the studio I knew she would be an instant addition to the team. Look at the attention to detail with the mosaic steps! I would swim every day if this was my bathing outfit............or can you imagine on a white beach or...........in a rainforest waterfall..............

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plush patterns said...

fred - you need that swim suit in your life !