Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tues 14th Oct: The Convenience Store

I had such a magic day on Saturday due to the sun that decided to make an appearance in debt to its shameful performance over the Summer and also due to discovering a new pocket of London. I took Anna up to Rellik to get some feedback on a Vivienne Westwood jacket and we ended up spending more time on Golborne road than we had bargained for! We escaped the cattle market squash of Portabello and stepped out Mr. Ben style, to a laid back (virtually horizontal!) little community road lined with food stalls serving up tantalising world cuisine. On deciding which to try, Vanni's quote of the day was "its not a case of being hungry"............true, but still too many to sample in one day so a revisit is in order.
But this is not the only reason to return. We discovered and duly had a good poke around the new Kokon To Zai west side boutique which has taken over a traditional tiled butchers premises. Then furthur up the road, we came across a converted cobblers that is now home to The Convenience Store. So this triangle of shopping loveliness is a new mecca for style seekers under the architectural feet that is Trellik Tower.
The Convenience Store is holding an evening of music and merriment this Thursday to celebrate and spread the word of its launch. Andrew Ibi has set up a definite unique environment to secure your key item for the season. He might even prophetically know what it will be and hold onto it just for you! Within his selection of old guard and emerging stars, he brings together pieces to compose a story that will regularly change in chapters according to his instinct for the next mood. I was excited to see a Sophie Hulme Sequin parker along side a Rick Owens blazer and an opportunity to get your hands on some Clare Tough. Another exclusive that Andrew gave us a 1st hand explanation and experiment is Boudicca's venture into fragrance. It sprays onto skin the violent violet "Wode" colour and then disappears like vanishing ink. So to have a go yourself or if you fancy finding some Hannah Marshall dark side feminine treasure, join the fun on Thurs..................
Thank you to Andrew for these atmostpheric snaps

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