Friday, 7 November 2008

Friday 7th November: No Days Off

Well hopefully there will be some days off for the newly formed creative design team Teo Connor and Patrick Duffy who operate under the moniker "No Days Off". Although it would be almost comprehensible that they enjoy days at the office, as the new headquarters are located in a snazzy studio block built from recycled shipping containers! To announce the dawn of a new age for "N.D.O", they are holding an exhibition of special prints that link with the identity of the website. Each time you reload the site, a new and different logo flashes up to entertain your return.
The works on show (as seen here) have been hand-printed from mag plates on an original Heidelberg press in collectable limited runs. If you visit the exhibit you can purchase your own edition or pick up a pack of the newly designed Christmas cards...........which are literally hot off the press..............sorry for the pun guys, just couldn't hold back..................its a laugh a minute on this blog!
To see what other diverse design direction the duo undertake, check out the back catalog containing such projects as Pure Groove , The Design Museum and East Photographic.

Ada St Gallery
2 Ada St
London E8 4QU
(just off Broadway Market)
Show continues to Sunday 9th November

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