Monday, 22 December 2008

Mon 22nd Dec: Ministry Of Fun

When we received summons for the Andy Knight's Christmas Party via a Ration Book with vouchers for drinks, we might have been able to guess the attention to detail on the WWII theme. The South London set builders (to the likes of Tim Walker & Hermes) went CRAZY this year building an entire set straight out of the blitz. They are quite the best "scenesters" in town and this is why:

1) The smoking area outside was a constructed subway station with curved tube wall, black painted tunnel with lights, posters and even a cheeky little banksy graffiti!
2) The band's stage had a video 'sky' showing spitfires in flight through a bombed hole in the fake wall......
3) The dj booth was a masterpiece in scenic painting ......... shrapnel damaged stone, shadowed with meticulous one direction perspective
4) There was an English pub area with real ale and on the opposite side a French bar with wine and a Parisian night sky silhouette through a glass "French" door....................("Double Club" Eat your heart out!)
5) Not to mention the guy wearing an actual life sized grenade costume complete with pin

So what was our studio response to the theme? Andy Hillman's team made a plane for us to carry in sections on entry to the venue. Alex made the pilots moustaches and goggles and I made a couple of quick scarves wired to look like they were flapping in the wind. But the fancy dress winner was photographer Jo Lacey (seen here) who had her hair set especially for the occasion!

Thank you to everyone at Andy Knights for an astonishing evening! An annual event without fail!


Anna Volosenko said...

this sounds amazing - is it just a one off?

joes[a]fiend said...

Hey Hey,

Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year and Tuesday.

Just updated the Mishkin post, check it out.