Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tues 2nd Dec: Magic Fingers Magnay

For a few years now Sarah Magnay has been collaborating and creating Allison's "Couture" costumes. The latest frock for this final tour show was a black silk blousen number with subtle fabric contrast Harlequin panelling. Sarah is known for her precision in pattern and execution which borders on terrifying in the process but results in exquisite garments. For her own MA collection at CSM she embellished her knitwear with reams of hand tarnished studs in tessellating borders.
Sarah is also known for her wicked sense of humour and here she has sent me a video of herself doing an important test-run to check the flow of the dress .............or perhaps just having a little moment of madness after an all night stint of sewing........I leave the decision up to you on that one
Thanks for all your images girls!