Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sat 31st Jan: Portrait Profile Weekender Season 2 cont....

So here are the Kickers portraits I mentioned. I like to use un-seen pictures on this blog to give artists a platform to show more personal work. All the photos that Mads has sent me for this post are original Polaroids from his shoots for this reason and also to show the special magic that materialises in that moment:

"By re looking at these old
Polaroid's I became fascinated about the fact that most of them are taken
in a quite spontaneous moment before the actual shoot starts. Most of them
have been shot to check the technical aspects rather than thinking of the
model looking perfect. This again creates a more natural approach and I
believe that sometimes the best images are taken in the beginning when the
person you photograph is not completely ready.
By reshooting lots of stuff and re directing the models they become almost
to aware of being photographed and the shot quite easily ends up looking
to composed, almost to perfect if you like."

Mads had 1 day to shoot each designer and their muse for this story. That equated to negotiating a cast of about 16 different people which is a tough call for any photographer. But on top of this tall order, poor Mads came down ill with food poisoning the night before! Ever the professional, he soldiered through and managed to extract a gorgeous glimmer of the dynamic between each couple's relationship.
Yes that is Peter Jensen is his underwear! And Simon Foxton and his assistant at the time, Elgar Johnson who has his own shoot in current menswear issue of i-D with Jason Evans.

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