Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sun 22nd Feb: Michael Van Der Ham

I am a smug-face, weepy eyed, Miss B. I am so proud. Don't say, I didn't tell you.......... you read it here first!
Now sit back and see these dresses pop up everywhere.
Michael opened the CSM show and also closed the proceedings by scooping the award.
I have been going through all the reports online and it is an image from his collection that has been unanimously attached to the article from wwd to elle etc.
With Sarah Mower already on side, here is the official word from

"And the show was just as energetic as ever, both on and off the catwalk. First up was Michael Van Der Ham, whose graphic shapes on multi-textured dresses were a perfect execution of a refreshingly new idea – and wearable at the same time. Those who gave their gold star there and then weren't far off the mark – Michael ended up as joint winner of the L'Oreal Professionnel Award alongside Oden Wilson"

Michael has kindly sent me these snaps from an initial fitting. Just one of the stages during the labour intensive treatment of his dresses. Go to and use the zoom function to fully explore the multi-layered brocade and hand embroidered panels, spliced together in historically cross referenced sihouettes. Each different look with precision detailing and character of its very own, was styled with a pair of specially comissioned collaborative foil-print tights. I can't wait for the static show to get my paws on the pieces for a close inspection to fully appreciate the technique and tenderness in this (deep breath of sincerity) genius collection.

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