Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Weds 11th Feb: Back To Life

Whilst British yaghtswoman Dee Cafari has been sailing in impossibly inhospitable seas to become the 1st woman to sail round the world alone in both directions, I have been taking part in my own one-woman experiment to test out the boundaries of cabin fever by inadvertently residing solely within the four walls of my studio. Its me and the mice of Islington working to the beat of "we will fix it, we will mend it" pushing the realms of physical endurance and sleep deprivation equal to Dee in the high sea.
Well perhaps not, I don't yet have a survival suit to swim out in perilous seas to save my skipper BUT I am feeling the need to activate my EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) to be rescued. My batman beam has been answered with invitation to the next "Work It" event in the ever increasing over subscribed calender. If I do make it down I fully intend to dance away the blues of pre fashion week hibernation hysteria. Hooray!
I was very upset to miss the last block party when I was away in NY, but fortunately didn't feel too far from the action when i found an article about it in the NY Times Style Magazine! Now the British press have followed suit giving a feature in last weeks Sunday Times Style. So if you are still not sure what all the fuss is about , head down to the ICA this Saturday for some Valentine Vibes and good times.
(On another Valentine tip, Katie Grand's new baby "Love" magazine is being previewed at Dover Street Market on Saturday for anyone unable to wait another week for the official launch.................

'Work it' - block party from Trav on Vimeo.

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Fayoona said...

i read about that party in Style, it sounded fantastic. feel free to send any unwanted invitations my way to the next blockparty.