Monday, 9 March 2009

Mon 9th March: Salome

This has been a long weekend of back-to-back gigs with Saturday's stint being the Salome screening on the southbank with live score by Bishi. I met up with her earlier in the week to get an idea of the original costumes to recreate something to adorn her hair. Its funny that I stayed faithful to the Aubery Beardsley theme but ended up with something intrinsically Bishi! I love that unconscious surprise in craft. So here is a screengrab from the 1923 film, a work-in-progress shot of my peacock headdress and two portraits from the event kindly sent to me by photographer Sara Ekholm.
I think that I have seen Bishi perform more times than I have fingers & toes, and it has never ever been the same twice! From a small ukulele folk gathering upstairs in a pub, to The London Symphony Orchestra album rearrangement and then NYC prodigy organist Cameron Carpernter collaboration in East End churches, to a backing track P.A at Kashpoint, to the set of The Jonathon Ross show, to a solo sitar recital on the staircase at the V&R Barbican exhibition, to an alfresco summer acoustic birthday duo with Patrick Wolf....................what is next on the horizon?............South by Southwest in Texas?...........(that could be me spreading an incorrect rumour, I get confused who is doing what so check her myspace for gig updates!)

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