Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sat 18th April: Dog Days

Thank God the sun shone down today for me to schlep my counterfeit Chanel bags into Soho to do an installation at Kokon To Zai. As they are made from magazine pages I was mildly concerned about them disintegrating in the rain. Although I didn't actually wear the bag this time! (as it was originally made for my SHOWstudio film). To add to the archive piece, I have made a new mini rainbow version which I intended to go on a dog for the lady to have on the chain as a leash. But it seems that a dog mannequin is not as easy to find as one would think! So as it turns out she is wearing the bag on her shoulder but it still looks very nice. Its always good fun putting up a window, feeling like a goldfish in a bowl with people peering in to see whats going on.
Here are the two beautiful boys who were at KTZ today whom I will look up when I have time to report on what they do when not cutting a dash at the shop...............check back for deats.
Big shout out to the helpers that have come in for odd days and each contributed to a different section of the new bag's completion............Rosy Nicholas, Sasha Williams, Naomi Attwood, Thom Bird, Camille Jacquemart................and Bethany Winning for the donation of her Vogue back catalog for sabotage..........

To see the original film from Jan 08 :

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