Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sun 26th April: Eureka ..........ka......ka.......ka.......ka.....ka!

Here are a couple of Amy Gwatkin's photos from the Fashion Innovation evening at the Design Museum on Friday night hosted by Let Them Eat Cake Magazine. There was an open discussion with some of the designers on show including Cooperative Designs, Katie Eary, Gemma Slack, Maria Francesca Pepe, Piers Attkinson etc........chaired by BFC scout Andrew Tucker . I missed the debate on London creativity as I was busy being creative upstairs holding an accessories workshop. Rosy Nicholas and I showed participants how to make mini paper sculpture brooches and hair pins with an unexpected highlight being a particularly delightful 9 year old who was surprisingly one of the most articulate people we conversed with the whole night! By the way, the lettering above my head was not infact an indication of my particular skill but the title of the current exhibition in the space! I hadn't even noticed until Amy pointed it out which made me crack up. Here is the shoe-box of our own "Designs of the year" which we prepped at the studio to take with us..............

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