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Weds 8th June: Laura Mackness Part III The Interview cont...

6)  You also like the work of audio artist Christian Marclay who used to cut up records to make sound collages.  What would be your desert island disks and which other records would you like to mix them with (in a "Hits"  mashup style?)      .........i love Britney VS. Shakira Vs. Bee Gees..........

 I have been thinking about this a lot, I have to admit one of my most loathed questions is “What’s your favourite music” simply because I can never answer the question. I change my mind all the time, at the minute I am enjoying re living my childhood a bit and one song that always sounds good to me is ‘Kid Creole’, ‘Me No Pop I’. We used to listen to this constantly on holiday when we were about 11 or 12 years old (actually the whole Best of Kid Creole album is great). Another song that I was listening to at around the same time is ‘Chaka Demus and Pliars’, ‘Murder She Wrote’, this also still sounds amazing and is great for summer time and as such would be perfect for a desert island! Another one of my favourites is ‘Cypress Hill’, the ‘Black Sunday’ album is the best and if I had to pick one it would be ‘A to the K’, I remember my cousin guiltily playing it to me when I was far too young to be listening to it, it was like being allowed into a secret and rather mischievous world. One more that even though it is old I have only just found out about is ‘William Shatner’ doing ‘Rocketman’, this is a pure stroke of genius! And also I forgot ‘Betty Boo’, ‘Where Are You baby’. I love that song. All pretty retro I guess, but then I think a lot of the time with music it is the memories and the feelings that they bring up that mean more than the music itself.

 As for mixing them I really don’t know where I would start, I love that sort of thing but I am afraid my musical ear is not that great.  Would love to know what a bit of Kid Creole sounds like mixed with William Shatner and Cypress Hill though!

 7)  Which brings me to the subject of Bad Taste............

a)  what is your definition of Bad Taste defined by one design?  

I take issue with evening dresses and red carpet dresses at the best of times, I always think the simpler, more stream line the better. Therefore it has to be a design in this ilk that has offended me. I am afraid Zac Posen is the guilty culprit. There is a dress in the finale of his S/S 2008 collection that I just cant get me head around, it is big and puffy and I am led to believe inspired by clouds. I just fail to see how something like this has a place anymore, but that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. 

b)  What is your definition of Bad Taste as Good Taste defined in one design?

I am sure that crown has to go to something Moschino though I am not sure I can pin point one specific design, there are too many that are just too good. Just for example the dripping chocolate cake bag (1991) is pure genius!

8)    I absolutely love the print on the knees of your leggings, as if they are a bit cheeky, peering out from underneath the hem of the skirts.  Knees are definitely over-looked on the runway!  What brought you to focus on that body part?

The knee patches came about quite naturally, a progression from elbow patches I guess. It also worked quite well as when the model is standing still it adds something to the dress makes it longer and changes the shape of the hem. I also love the way that the colour of the leggings shows when she walks and the line is broken up. You are right about the knees being neglected though; maybe I should make it my duty to give them the attention they deserve?

 9)    Your muse is a more extreme version of yourself.  The eyelash necklace is quite a statement piece!  What is the most insane accessory you like to wear and where did you get it?

 I was quite surprised at myself with that piece, it is quite crazy. I am afraid I don’t wear anything that crazy myself. Going back to your first question, I really like quite everyday things. I love, love, love watches; after my BA which featured an arm band covered in watches (all bought from a stall in Dalston for £1, they worked for about an hour) I went through a phase of wearing three or four watches at a time. I like to wear normal things I guess but in a different way, my favourite at the moment is I wear a ring (that my mum gave me which is too small for me) on a very, very long chain. It’s nothing special but I like that the chain is too long and so the ring hangs where it wouldn’t normally.

 10)  You were lucky enough to do the CSM MA when it was still at the Charing X site.  What will be your most missed/lamented memory of that building?

Its hard to put my finger on one specific memory, there has been so many (I also did my BA there). One thing that I always think is that it is kind of like a home as in I feel like I belong there, there are very few places that I think you feel like that about. In a way I have done a lot of my growing up and progressing in the walls of that building. It will always be a special place and I think that it is a great shame that it is moving.





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