Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Weds 14th Oct: Colin Henderson for The Golden Silvers

Seeing Esser this week was a double bonus as he tipped me off about Golden Silvers playing the NME show last night (the two acts share producer Lex).  Ive been wanting to see Golden Silvers for such a long time as I have been blogging Colin Henderson's previous album artwork and video direction for the band.   Finally this was a great opportunity to see their live performance in the beautiful and fine acoustic music hall venue of Camden's KOKO.  After a bouncy and catchy set, the band down-tooled for a charming barber shop chorus song for the encore.  I grinned like a silly bugger throughout the whole gig as their cosmic charismatic charm is totally intoxicating.  They are now heading off to NYC to convert the Chrysler tower city to the musical way of all things Gold and Silvery.  I appreciatively procured one of their new bits of merch for the trip from their manager which has taken immediate residence on today's gem sweater! Colin........who has sent over all this great imagery including the artwork for the backdrop and Gwil's hand embroidered keyboard cloth which I saw last night.  The other live snaps are examples of Colin's visuals used at the iTunes festival at another of Camden's finest concert halls - The Roundhouse.  CHECK OUT THE LATEST VIDEO here too, which is a stop frame animation (directed by Gabriel Bisset-Smith and Graham Turner)  with photos that Colin illustrated over, frame by frame.  I love the way that by collaborating with Colin, everything interlinks and crosses over in their identity in this way.  Above you can see a couple of the stills and the 7" single cover for the track "Please Venus".

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