Friday, 6 November 2009

Fri 6th Nov: Sh'mon Laura

Here is Laura Bradley who has just spent her last day working as Fashion Features Editor at SHOWstudio.  Its been a full circle of 4 years since she entered the mirrored hall of Ironmonger Row in Nov 2005 and left through the Shop door of Bruton Place.  Of course there was an interim of her degree where she created the best magazine I own in my weighty archive (that is giving one corner of my bedroom subsidence).  The Fashion Almanac has been on hold whilst she dedicated her energies to SHOW, but little trickles of collection equations can be found via her twitter to feed your appetite for reference recipes: "Holiday Postcards + Crisp Packets + Post-it Notes + Prada S/S 2010 = Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2010".
So what honeytrap has seduced Laura away from the safehaven of SHOW?  *Now for the exciting part* i-D are re-structuring their online output and head-hunted Laura to take up the mantle.  To accessorize that mantle she may well walk into her new office wearing a pair of Jil Sander killer heels which were her leaving gift from the family at SHOW.  Other parting treats included a cat cake and a mix tape of 'My Girl', 'Laura' by Scissor Sisters, 'Don't Stop Me Laura, don't stop!  Keep up the maverick work and have a blast giving i-D a make-over............we can't wait!

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