Friday, 12 February 2010

Fri 12th Feb: McQueen

All I would like to say is that we should try to match the negative energy of being sad with transmitting some positive vibes out too.  Lets be grateful that the world got the contribution of the time that McQueen dedicated to creating the lushest of inventions to dress history was only a glimpse of what could have been a lifetime of work but at least a chapter is better than no novel at all.  Everything in life is done for love, and that will be passed down to inspire the next maverick that connects with his distinct gift.  

I haven't yet found my favourite images to put up here ........the first pieces I saw that got me excited and goose-pimply.  But here is my favourite portrait of McQueen by Sean Ellis from the time when he was shaking up the industry and you can see that captured perfectly in his stance.  I remember a documentary from that collection when he told the story of stitching "Lee woz ere" on the inside of a jacket made for Prince Charles during his apprenticeship on Saville Row..........I wonder if that will ever be found?!

Here is also a photo from my Leigh Bowery book of an audience at one of his performances.  Ive always thought that the guy sitting in the middle looks like a very green McQueen............which highlights my point that the rare genius creative streak passes along the line with witnessing the predecessor's lets concentrate on the incredible legacy and the positivity that a new star has been born somewhere out there from feeling the force of this Lee.

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