Friday, 5 March 2010

Fri 5th March: Lady Gaga on Jonathan Ross

Tuesday was interesting.  I began the day by answering an email to Bishi that, no I hadn't met Lady Gaga.  I ended the day leaving the BBC dressing room where I had once been with Bishi, having just met Lady Gaga.  
I found myself in a de ja vu, backstage at Jonathan Ross, rustling up some last minute magic for a diva practising her scales.  Is this my destiny?  I think perhaps so, I love having some input into living in that moment and witnessing something so spectacular.  Having previously been on the show with Bishi, i knew I could niftily perch on the floor for the recording and watch the whole thing up close.  Wow!  My first initiation to a live Gaga performance was in a tiny studio, only metres away from her gigantic sounds and costumes.  She played the piano with platform heeled swarovski encrusted stilettos.............pushing the peddles in a style reminiscent of the way I drove my camper van wearing my Buffalo's when I was if it was the most natural and appropriate choice of footwear for the task at hand.  
Watch the show tonight to see her 4 outfit changes, 2 performances and 1 very candid and intriguing interview.  I generally hate Jonathan Ross "interviewing" (talking over) women as he very rarely allows them to speak.  But on this occasion his mix of intimidation and acquired fondness brings out some very sincere candor from Gaga.  There's no underestimating this girl..........she is made of legend material.........from the unique designer garms to her heartfelt penned her total inherent focus and drive.  We ain't seen anything yet.........

top to bottom:  backstage, in the cab en route, Rex features photo of Gaga wearing my helmet and Piers Atkinson veil, Anna Trevelyan who works with Nicola Formichetti in styling Lady Gaga)

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Popartrockgirlyeah! said...

Go Girl. U on a roll!

Fayoona said...

oh wow! well done on all that hard work. worth running around angel tube and kings cross.
xx fiona

shoulderache said...

Congrats on getting your work out there like that--the head piece is an amazing work of art! :-)