Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday 25th April: I want CANDY : Craig Lawrence

Craig sat patiently twiddling his thumbs and clicking his knitting needles waiting for the dust cloud to disperse and news of his rescheduled flight to Japan.  Candy invited Craig to exhibit his last 2 collections at their boutique alongside a retrospective photographic display which had documented the process by Kenzie Burchell.  Fortunately the event could be postponed in anticipation of the duo getting through the chaos in the sky and touching down in Tokyo to set up their wares.  Craig conducted an impromptu "performance" of live knitting in situ at the activity usually observed by my eyes only............little does he know that in his absence I have been padding around the studio wearing the rest of the collection that he has left behind!  JOKES!
I can't wait to hear what else they get up to whilst in the city........apparently eating in the metropolis  has been inspiring "And we went into a restuarant where you had to pick what you wanted to
eat and pay from a vending machine outside! It's the future!
".........I wonder how this dining would take-off in Dalston?.........our typical 5 a day is derived from a Turkish Lamuchan washed down with a Caribbean coconut cake and pineapple punch........or what I like to call "fusion" food.

Thanks to Kenzie for sending me these snaps from the private view.  To see more check out Candy's blog and twitpics.

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