Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th Aug: Gary Card HQ

Since Gary Card has moved into the block I have been pestering him like a pap to take pictures to write up a post to document the residency. Over the last couple of months, different gizmos and gadgets have been creeping in and taking over the walls as the turnover of jobs has spilt from shoots into his studio. I am like a rat up a drainpipe as soon as I hear of a new studio to visit and document to see different artists creative spaces and habitats. Gary's was a particularly exciting prospect as he was bound to have an accumulation of hand crafted characters and monsters amongst his tools and prop making paraphernalia. Although he is still not quite fully installed, there is a wealth of illustrations and artefacts for any visitor to feast their eyes on and find out anecdotes from the background momentos. I'm very lucky to be able to drop in on the set designer dandy for a catch up over a cuppa, but its not all kept behind closed doors as Gary has his own blog (for those of you that might not already be aware). So head over to for all the background info on his brainstorms.

(Since my post yesterday I have had a chance to sift through the pages of the 30th anniversary issue of i-D and decipher that it is ordered in alphabetical order! So my comment regarding the coincidence of Gary and Gemma Slack being next to my own portrait is totally void - DOH! I am not the sharpest tool in the box........... For a more reliable source, check i-D and SHOWstudio)

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Rollergirl said...

Loving these thru the keyhole moments...