Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday 10th Sept: SHOWstudio In Wolves Clothing: Re-imagining the Doll

Andrew Yang- The Red Empress (2010)

Andrew Yang- The Vizier (2010)

Peter Jensen/Laurie Simmons- Paper Dolls (2009)

Nick Knight- Aimee Mullins 01 (1998)

Rubbish- Finger Puppets (2008- 2010)

Andrew Yang- Gaga (2010)

Andrew Yang- Matilda and Ramona (2010)

Peter Jensen/Laurie Simmons- Paper Dolls (2009)

SHOWstudio's newest exhibition, 'In Wolves Clothing: Re-imagining the Doll ', addresses the shifting perceptions of the doll, realised by a range of contemporary artists and creatives including Michael Baumgarten, Barbie, Marina Bychkova, Nancy Fouts, Emma Gibson, Nick Knight, Laurie Simmons & Peter Jensen, Lone Siggurdson, Viktor & Rolf and Andrew Yang. The dolls demonstrate innocence cloaked in the shroud of high fashion. The varying approaches of these practitioners to the doll sum up the paradox of a sheep in wolves' clothing.

In addition to the exhibition, will broadcast performances from the LiveStudio in Bruton Place by Wendy Bevan, Rubbish Finger Puppets and others. These objects made during the LiveStudio will then be exhibited in the Shop.

SHOWstudio Shop:
1-9 Bruton Place
The exhibition will run 9th September 2010 — 30th October 2010 .

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