Thursday 7 October 2010

Thurs 7th Oct: Laura Fulmine @ Tina We Salute You

"Tina We Salute You" is a local coffee shop that acts as a gallery giving open interpretation of its walls to a different artist for intermittent stints. For the London Design Festival, Laura Fulmine has painted the interior of the cafe with graphic shapes inspired by South African Ndebele tribe wall murals. I always like to swing past the windows to have a peek at what's popped up and this is my favourite so far! Its a shame that its going to have to come down soon ............. this would be gorgeous to have in your house all the time, wouldn't it!?

47 King Henrys Walk, London, United Kingdom, N1 4NH, 0203 119 0047

1 comment:

Pargy said...

Wow those African drawings in the cafe are awesome. Next time i'm in N1 I'm so going there!