Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tues 23 Nov: ThreeASFOUR X Tron X Opening Ceremony

I am so hyped about this news. In my opinion the perfect pocket book / purse (call it whatever you like) is the genius and classic circle bag by ThreeASFOUR. They have tinkered with the shape over the years, introducing new styles such as the nunchucks double "Kidney" on chain. However, my favourite always has and always will be the circle. If I ever feel slightly under-dressed I have to remember that as soon as I put on my bag, Im instantly accessorized. Its funny how many people think that it is actually part of my jacket. Its permanently a talking point - the general public are intruiged what this cyber fin is doing jutting out of my shoulder. Its a bag that fits ergonomically and fits snuggly with no way open to pick-pocket or opportunist thieves. I literally can't think of a better design.

The bag was initially the identity of the AsFOUR designers and their friends running around the Lower East Side in New York or from party to party at Paris Fashion Week. A few metallic leather colours were produced and sold at their select stockists but I should think that these vintage items are a rare find now. Im an incredibly lucky girl in that I am allowed to make one each time I visit ThreeAsFOUR in New York. But now, thanks to Opening Ceremony the iconic (and much copied) circle bag is back and its re-surfaced for a perfect project: Tron Legacy Opening Ceremony Collection. If you havn't checked out the primary colour neoprene futuristic collection, quickly click over to the site in lightening speed.................. its what all our generation (kids of the 80's) have been waiting for!

"The original 1982 TRON film from Walt Disney Pictures remains an unparalleled classic in the sci-fi canon, a dreamy romp through the future as imagined in the 80s. The long-awaited sequel hits theaters on December 17th, and while you are waiting for the 3-D/Imax experience, you can check out our men's, women's, and accessories collections inspired by the TRON universe. High-tech aesthetics, neon, and laser cutting dominate in this super-structured collection. Also awesome is the three way collaboration bag, a ThreeASFOUR X Tron X Opening Ceremony revival of the classic circle bag."

(Here is a photo of GABi in one of his circle bags circa aprox 2004, which I don't know who to credit for but I remember the moment well! And here are a couple of snaps of the the brand new bags at the studio just before they were delivered ..........when they were having their very own calico canvas circular storage bags sewn up)

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