Saturday, 22 January 2011

Sat 22nd Jan: Nicki Minaj in London

Thanks to The Dash Empire and Jessica Bosch my “Dodecahedron Collision” necklace landed like a multicolour meteorite on the mighty fine & fierce NICKI MINAJ in London last evening - it was a Rainbow Friday!
Full credits: 21/01/11: @GZanottiDesign shoes, @fredbutlerstyle neck piece, #Super sunglasses & custom made catsuit.
To get a necklace for yourself go here.
Watch the above interview with Hattie Collins.
Check out Cassette Playa's pink suit from the previous day............. here.


Snappy said...

The necklaces have a really cool, interesting shape. Liking the color palette as well. I bet you can style them a million ways with so many different pieces and they would just simply go.

shoulderache said...

Its awesome to see your art in action like that! Nice! said...

Gwan Fred xxxx

fredbutlerstyle said...

Thank you everyone!

Holly - hold onto that original baby! You stitched the very first one!