Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sat Jan 15th Jan: Jiggery Pokery Studio visit

The colonisation of the local E8 creative community has acquired a new addition via the shared studio of Jiggery Pokery and friends. Eight artists have taken over an open plan space filled with materials and tools of their various trades (check out Jamie Brown). Nestling and glistening in the corner are the girls behind set design wizardry Jiggery Pokery. Anna Lomax and Lauren Davies met whilst studying the BA Illustration course at Brighton Uni and joined forces to invent the 'life size illustration' team 'Jiggery Pokery'.
I have featured the work on the blog previously but this was my first opportunity to have a literal poke around their creative hub and hive of activity. Its familiar territory with draws full of multi-colour party treats and accumulation of sprays and paints. .......... and an impressive array of mannequin heads snapped up from a weave shop closing down round the corner!
Jiggery Pokery are the current occupants of another space........... albeit virtual. Their props are the most recent wares for sale on the front page of Supermarket Sarah from where I have lifted this image of Lauren modeling their "Heavy Pencil Head Dress". Have a look at all the projects that the pieces have come from at their site (They have applied their unique style to everything from window displays, music videos, editorial shoots, promotional campaigns, studio exhibitions, interior design....... clients such as Beck’s, Courvoisier, The Independent, Nike, Orange, SHOWstudio, Vauxhall and YCN, Dazed & Confused). Keep an eye (a multi-colour cardboard eye!) out for their upcoming work including new projects with Annie Collinge who they shot this Creative Review cover with....... BLOG.

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