Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Weds 9th Feb: Cocknbullkid "Hold Onto Your Misery" by Elisha Smith Leverock

For the final flower feature, here is the latest release from one of my favourite songstresses - Cocknbullkid. Director extraordinarre Elisha Smith-Levorck commissioned me to make Anita a floral Frida Kahlo inspired accessory and then replicate it exactly 6 times for mini versions of Anita. Each one was coloured to match the teeny tiny girls cast in this cute promo for "Hold Onto Your Misery" from the album "Adulthood". Both Elisha and I have always wanted to work with Anita so this was an absolutely brilliant opportunity. Its very exciting to see who else Anita has been collaborating with to record her debut album (Chilly Gonzalez , Liam Howe, Joy Joseph, Jamie Morrison).......... some of which you can see in this little excerpt "CockNBullKid talking about stuff"............ which is essential viewing. Ive also included an interview with Huw Stephens where Anita explains about working on the video...........

To read more and see a few pics from behind the scenes of the shoot, see my first post here and ROWDY SUPERST*R's blog who styled the film.

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