Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday April 1st: Rosy Nicholas display for Toms Shoes at No One

London boutique No-One have just unveiled a new installation of hand crafted paper shoes in their window display by Rosy Nicholas. The launch of the TOMS/ No-One collaboration is another stage of TOMS ‘One for One’ journey, where TOMS Shoes match every pair sold with a pair of new shoes donated to a child in need. On April 5th, TOM's 'One Day Without Shoes' project is an event organised to ask people to take off their shoes in recognition of the cause. The campaign is tackling the situation in developing countries where millions of children grow up without protection on their feet putting them at risk of injury and disease. Therefore the aim of a day dedicated to going bare foot, is to raise awareness of the impact new shoes can have on a child's life. Shoes mean a simple step towards health and access to education........... to read more about the event go to

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