Monday, 9 May 2011

Mon 9th May: Diesel Island / i-D Millinery & Clothing Customisation Class with Fred Butler & Katie Eary

Katie Eary and I are participating in Diesel's 'School of Island Life' event schedule as part of i-D Magazines contribution to the project. Inspired by the 'Land of the Stupid, Home of the Brave' campaign, Diesel have put together a series of workshops spanning the country throughout May. The aim is to open up opportunities for the public to join practitioners for a hands on experience to learn a few accessible skils. The classes span many disciplines ranging from debates, screenings, mask making, dance lessons, taxidermy, gardening and in this instance fashion customisation!

Inspired by the 'Island Life' theme, I will be demonstrating (Blue Peter style) how to make tribal feather head dresses and paper flower wreaths and garlands. Katie will be illustrating how to fuse leopard print onto denim using heat presses and transforming the fabric into toy animals. You can click over to i-D to see footage of us describing in more detail what to expect ........... here.

To get involved you just need a 'passport' from a Diesel store or visit Diesel’s Facebook page to sign up.

Thursday, May 19 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Red Gallery,
3 Rivington Street
City of London

Thanks to Katie Eary for these snaps from her HQ (Left to right- Laure Orbes, Sabrina Miller, Mairi Campbell, Katie Eary, & 'bunny man' Joey Turvey) beautifully modelling these RARE pink Leopard legs, which are being created next week for the EARY zoo.

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