Thursday, 9 June 2011

Friday 10th June: Fred Butler x Lazy Oaf Launch - Report by Emily Beard

Lazy Oaf are what you might call connesiurs of all that is kawaii and quirky. With Fred's intricate and vibrant aesthetic, it is a wonder it took the two so long to combine forces. The result? A Fred Butler and Lazy Oaf collaboration collection, which touched down yesterday at Lazy Oaf HQ.

Visitors at the event came thick and fast, intrigued by the menagerie of (paper) birdlife in the windows and the rosie cheeks provided by Kopparberg. Pomp De Franc provided the munchies in the form of multicoloured cakes, though they were almost too good looking to eat! As an added bonus everyone was invited to get (temporarily) inked up with designs by both Fred and Lazy Oaf through Inkwear.

The items hark back to Fred's previous 'Dodecahedron Collision' collection from 09, and sees her pieces transformed into layered perspex. This will be the first time that items by Fred are available at an accessible price point, meaning everyone can get a slice of the rainbow coloured cake.
The collection is available now, both through the Lazy Oaf shop and online.

Lazy Oaf
19 Fouberts Place
London W1F 7QE

Photographs by Rebecca Hawkes

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