Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thurs 4th Aug: My TALK@ for MTV with Beth Ditto

.................... and here is the subject of my TALK@........Beth Ditto. Having met Beth only briefly a couple of times via Lyndell Mansfield, I really didn't know her too well and was understandably nervous at the prospect of interviewing her for MTV. As it turned out, Beth invited me along to her 30th birthday party beforehand to get closer insight into her world and ease up an otherwise transitory encounter. This forethought and consideration is testiment to a girl totally rooted in real life and in touch with the fundamental important focuses most dear to her - family and friends.
It was such a nice opportunity to have a one to one chat (albeit infront of a camera crew) and discover what a humble soul she is ....... along with the humour and hilarious constant banter of comical commentary. I had no idea quite how "punk" she is, with her views and approach to life and to that effect transversely enjoys her position in pop music to generate change in perception. I think it's brilliant that a rock band can have respect from an international following in both genres of music without compromising the other. This is a rare formula but one that they have gained because of Ditto's undeniable pure and passionate Joie de vivre........... and of course a unique, contagious killer, killer voice and uplifting presence.
Thanks to MTV for engineering this all to happen!

Head over to to watch clips from our conversation.......

(Photos: From the interview and a more recent snap at Lovebox by Simon Archer Hurlstone)

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