Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tues 29th Nov: Rosy Nicholas for HEROES EXHIBITION BY LEISURE at Jaguar Shoes

Rosy Nicholas from LEISURE on Vimeo.

For my profile on Rosy Nicholas for Fashion 156 I I discussed her inspirations and heroes from art history which included a heavy admiration for David Hockney. Her most recent commission is on the subject of "Heroes" for an exhibition at Jaguar Shoes curated by Leisure. Five different illustrators were asked to create new work of moving image including Daniel David Freeman, Christopher Wright, Will Rigby and Oliver Jennings. Rosy decided to "worship" her own personal heroes with a stop frame animation of a day dreaming about going on holiday to Egypt with David Hockney and Grace Jones - excellent! Here is a snap of the lightbox at Rosy's studio on which she moved her hand-cut silhouettes around to shoot her clip. Without bias, I have to say that hers was my absolute favourite and I really want to see more moving image work from her dexterous hands .............. in addition to the out of the world cosmic shoes that she made for my SS12 collection.
To see these works on the screens of the exhibition, walk down the stairs of Jaguar Shoes for the video basement bar.

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