Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thurs Dec 15th: Mandi's Basement Christmas Party with Gwendoline Christie

If you squint a little and imagine you are in Mandi's Basement lit only by icicle fairy lights you can begin to decipher these dark photos to see Gwendoline Christie, NOKi & James Long, Princess Julia and Bishi with my 2.5 ............. all guests for Mandi Lennard's Christmas Party which ended in a conga line of fashion designers, musicians, photographers and stylists snaking their way round her festive decorated office complete with snow white tree. To get the Argos catalogue number for the acquired artificial tree and see more photos of the revellers in a more revealing light, head over to the following articles: Mandi's Colette Blog, Madeleine Ostlie's blog, i-D Online
This was my first party of the season and a baptism by fire which I'm not sure will be surpassed by anything to follow.......... with refreshments by Bistrotheque including a hot cider cocktail inspired by Patrick Wolf's new favoured MIWADI rum ........ tangy tacos followed by passion fruit and pineapple sorbet ......... and Christmas tunes mixed by a rota of the Ponystep dj rosta. When the conga came to a close the fall-out shimmied up the road to celebrate the 8th birthday of The George & Dragon where the dancing continued to The Lovely Jonjo in residence for the night ......... HAPPY BIRTHDAY G&D!

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