Monday, 2 January 2012

Mon 2nd Jan: Christmas Party at Andrew Logan's Glasshouse

The last time I went to Andrew Logan's glasshouse for a party was his Alternative Royal Wedding which was the perfect way to celebrate a very British tradition so I knew I would be in for a treat at a Christmas party! The gigantic space might have been a feet to find a fir tree tall enough to fill the high ceiling, but as luck would have it, they were donated one from a friends garden in Wales. The reclaimed tree looked resplendent in its magnitude and hung from the rafters so although it appeared resting on the floor it was loose to spin like a disco ball. The dj played the Gay Gordens and the floor turned into a barn dance with the twist of a limbo session towards the end by Andrew and Kitty Joseph holding a mop as the bar. At midnight fireworks appeared flaring in full view from inside the glass walled building, which was a first for me - watching a display whilst being in the comfort of a house party! The entire event was spectacular ............. as you can only imagine from entering this magic space. Watch this brilliant interview from Stylelikeu which shows the Bermondsey studio in its day time glory with the sunshine streaming in and reflecting off his mirrored sculptures. I love the sentiment where he explains his mantra on life ........... being the real thing ........... there is no dress rehearsal ......... so you've got to embrace it and not be fearful........... live in harmony and enjoy each other! = LUSH!

If you would like to invest in an Andrew Logan accessory, you can visit his shop online or at his new retail premises.

(Thanks to Alun Davies for sharing his photos with me - the final section of iphone images inc. portrait of Piers Atkinson and 2 above of the stairwell and white sculpture)

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