Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thurs 13th Jan: "L'Eclipse" Liza Manili by Elisha Smith Leverock

Liza Manili - L'éclipse. from Rokkit on Vimeo.

Allow me to introduce you to Liza Manili - a new name in French music having come to fruition from a background working as a model, actor and comedienne. Elisha has tapped these skills for Liza's latest pop promo "L'Eclipse", devising a scenario where she has a split personality acting out both characters. The lyrics describe a feeling of being eclipsed by the sun which Elisha has visually translated as the disorientating state when you awake in first light.......... lapsing in and out of the dream world to reality. Liza switches from her the taunting prankster alter-ego, accessorized in Mawi jewels to her true self in a cute Richard Nicoll baby doll dress styled by Katy Lassen.

You may recognise some of the chorus girl moves from the Heliocentric Electric fashion film I made with Elisha, having teamed up with the same choreographer Chloe Bergeret. The overiding inspiration for the clip's mood is both Busby Berkeley 1940's Ziegfeld Follie dance troops and David Lynch heroines. The surreal moments of Liza disappearing into her bed were executed by art directors Dan Mclagan and Samuel Walters who rigged up crash matts and body double accordingly! I love that this video has given Elisha the chance to show a real narrative side to her cinematography, with scope to write a story-telling focused treatment ........... now I want to see her make a short film, more than I ever have before. Therefore, this was a perfect pairing for Elisha to have an actress and vocalist in one to play out her most ambitious music video to date.........

Check out Elisha's new agency Rokkit who also have Tim Brown on thier books.......

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