Monday 26 March 2012

Mon 26th March: Hellicar & Lewis "Hello Cube" for Infinite Kusama at the Tate

Introducing The Hello Cube from REcreative on Vimeo.

One of the London creatives I met on the Nike Fuel trip to NYC was Joel from the duo Hellicar and Lewis. It turns out we must have both interned at DAZED at the same time in 2001 when he helped set up the magazine's onlilne presence.......... in the days of when fashion requests were made with a fax!!! Over the last 10 years, Joel has been expanding his pioneering technological prowess and now has his own company with Pete Hellicar dealing with all things digital. Their main focus is devising interactive experiences that combine art and design with a hi-tec spin. On Saturday I went to the Tate Modern to see their latest project "The Hello Cube" for the day of immersive and hallucinatory events programmed in conjunction with the Yayoi Kusama show.
"The Hello Cube" is a mirrored box that projects patterns and effects governed by orders sent to it via Twitter. Visitors were encouraged to send over directions and start a dialogue with the character who responded in visuals and a reply mention on Twitter. Teo from the WProject was even successful to strike up a stream of chats with the machine!! The process was also available remotely for anyone to have a go and see their own pattern uploaded to an image hosting page.
For those on site on Saturday, the lights dimmed in the Turbine Hall and UV black light illuminated the bridge platform for a silent disco. Actress took to the decks and we were given a headset to listen to his Yayoi inspired bleeps and morse-code style beats. Alongside this en-masse dot-to-dot experience were accessories / textile sculpture / film & music making workshops. There was even a Kusama pattern nail bar with Boom Nails which you can check out on thier Tumblr.
If you missed the Infinite Kusama weekend, make sure you go and see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition before it ends on the 5th of June ............. details here.
Keep up to date with all of Hellicar & Lewis projects here.

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