Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thurs 15th March: Nike+ Fuelband

You may remember that I travelled to NYC in January for the launch of the NIKE+ Fuelband as a secret mission with a few other creatives chosen from London. The product launches in the UK later this Summer but we have been able to get our mitts on our own band ahead of general release. Over this time we will be trying it out and putting the technology to the test ............ earning NIKE+ fuel points as we exercise and burn energy. Previous products to measure activity such as a pedometer planted in the sole of your sneaker were designed with runners in mind. However, this new piece of equipment is totally democratic to anyone and everyone, sports person or not. Its all about keeping track of your movements and making sure that you keep fit instead of sitting seditionary at your desk. Sharmadean Reid fitted me with my very own model, engraved with my initials "FB" which of course also stands for Fuel Band - neat! As Sharmadean explained, dashing around town on her daily routine of bringing up her 1yr old son whilst running WAH! Nails and working for NIKE, naturally makes up her energy expenditure. I'm not sure if Im ever going to take mine off as its the perfect little motivational reminder to keep moving and slightly altering my habits to notch up the points to keep a healthy ticker! Tick Tock, Tick Tock......... time to stop typing and start running.........

Revisit my blog from the NY trip here.

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