Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday 29th April: "Terrormisu and The Green Carnation"

The fierce and fabulous looks of Angel Rose  and Josh Quinton (top photo) are a couple of the subjects cast to profile in Walter Pfeiffer's focus on the new East London creative scene in the current Dazed & Confused magazine.  When not playing muse for magazine spreads, the duo are shooting each other for Angel Rose's own cinematic ventures.  This film-work celebrates and explores trash culture and the darker side of glamour, combining the kitsch and the macabre in a tradition that could be compared to John Waters for its authentic enthusiasm and pure productivity.
On Friday night I headed down to  The Last Tuesday Society  for the premiere of her latest double feature show "Terrormisu and The Green Carnation".  The curiosity shop was the perfect disquietingly sinister venue for its walls bursting with antique books, boxed beetles, bugs, butterflies, taxidermy beast busts and skeletons.   Once thru the menagerie of menacing fixed glares from winged kittens and flying foxes, you arrived at the gallery space out the back, blacked out to become a cinema room.  Behind the black curtain, both films were a blast of hyper-real colour with cameo characters from the history of club land, all face painted in a palette of Tretchikoff hue pallor.  Here is a still I snapped of "The Green Carnation" in which Angel's dismembered head sings a score of spoken word she wrote to fit to the tune of Diana Ross “Aint No Mountain High Enough”.  The sets in these surreal pop videos are superbly put together as backdrop to a wardrobe of costume pieces by Carianne Moore and milliner Mich Dulce (who you can see here in one of her signature crown hats).  A few of the other guests I papped include hostess Princess Julia, Bishi, Lucy Bridge, Dee Plume (Robots In Disguise), Jacqui Potato and Christos Tolero.   The mass turn-out for the occasion was a collective of new wave Blitz kids, fixed up to the max to match their counter-parts night time party attire.   You can read more about the genre including Josh's Amanda Lear lineage and Angel's Cruella De Vil concoctions on the London Club Kids site...................which I think answers Dazed & Confused's question of "Is East London Dead?" as an affirmative NO.
Check Angel Rose's Vimeo for more videos

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