Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday June 8th: Piers Atkinson Racing Season Pop-Up Shop & Freinds

Following on from the previous post showing details of Pier's pop up shop - here are snaps from yesterday's event - tea and cake with friends and family.  Pomp De Franc cooked up some Zandra Rhodes print bow cupcakes and Piers brewed afternoon tea to offer sanctuary from the Summer rain.  We piled in to try on more of the hats as the stock is on constant rotation and funnily, Andrew Logan and I were both coincidentally in red.  Here is Andrew with one of Pier's new illustrated umbrellas - the perfect accompaniment accessory to your hat for the races if this weather continues!  Here are the motley crew: left to right - myself, Piers, Andrew, Kim Howells, Anna Trevelyan and Princess Julia with Piers before he started demonstrating how to wear the fascinators himself!
Check out the store at St Martins Lane Hotel any day this week and come down next Thursday when I will be taking residence as shop girl for a special gift wrap service! 

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