Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday July 20th: Port Elliot Festival, Cornwall = Day 1

(Day 1 of the Port Eliot Festival, in no particular order:  The viaduct setting, Our Field Candy Tents inc. a Basso & Brooke design, My origami centre fold in the Daily paper, Phillip Dunn's illustration for "Haughty Culture" in the BFC Wardrobe Dept,  Barbara Hulinacki's colourful creative masterclass,  Michael Howells setting up the flower show,  Ella Dror's pink feet, Lou Bones in the Print Club arena, the Anthropologie tent record player, the maze, the potting shed where Im blogging from, crochet decorated trees, Susie Bubble's hydrangea dried flower top, Susie and Steve, Bleach vs. Bumble & Bumble salon, my beloved VW camper van)

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