Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thurs 12th July: Brighton University Graduates: Fashion - GBEMi

Here's someone who shares my spectrum sensibility and interest in architecture and taste in music - if the title of her collection is anything to go by "Happy House".  GBEMi (pronounced with a silent G) is Alice Oluyitan's Autumn/ winter ’13 graduate collection, created to express her personal vision on the future of homes, which she believes will look kind of like.......... 

"“A Techno- coloured pleasure dome, a vibrant recreation centre, a domestic amusement arcade, somewhere that will free the spirit, delight the senses and unleash the personality"

"The collection takes inspiration from colour psychology, art , sportswear, tents, 1950s outerwear and product design.  Garments are made to embody a techno-coloured, recreational pleasure Dome, an oversized home full of happiness and fun.  Each garment is made with beauty and simplicity. The designs combine extreme shapes with juxtapositions of vivid and muted colour ways making the collection experimental, unconventional but still very wearable and contemporary"

Al of the above = Hello GBEMi !! 

(Imagery of prep, collection, graduate fashion show and look book form her Tumblr)

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