Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday 12th Oct: "Naomi Who?" District MTV & Viacom Talking Shop

A new online resource from MTV has recently launched focusing on the cross-over fusion of fashion and music which began with the seminal music video genre given a platform by the pioneering channel.  The site profiles new talent emerging in both industries in addition to digging the archives to re-visit classic and influential game changing historical moments from the last three decades.  To highlight the current climate of commerce arising from brands aligning with musicians and visa versa, DistrictMTV hosted a panel discussion with informers and gurus from separate sectors of the industry.  This perfectly balanced composition of knowledge and opinion comprised of Yasmin Sewell, Charlie Porter, Lulu Kennedy, Quentin Jones and Princess Julia - compered by editor Melanie Hick.  Topics covered the advantages and authenticity in past partnerships such as Madonna & Gaultier thru to recent collaborations like Alexander Wang & ASAP Rocky or Mulberry & Lana Del Ray.    My favourite part of the process of the panel probing themes of nostalgia in context of MTV, was reminiscing the subcultural waves of influence on pop when DIY culture caused a shift with Judy Blame sighted as potentially the first "stylist" adding his flare with Neneh Cherry etc.  The talk was entitled "Naomi who?" after a quote by Alex Noble questioning whether musicians have taken the place of super models from an interview with the designer for his appearance in the MTV Playground series.  Still working with the company, Alex actually art directed the interior space for the two day event which you can see here with his murals, cosmic canteen and painted mannequins.  Set Designer Robert Storey has also created a wooden sculpture of the DistrictMTV logo to travel to the MVA's and Nickleodeon had thier own space for SpongeBob Squarepants!
Head over to the site to see the initial content the initiative has kick started with .............. and submit your own photos for a chance to appear alongside your favourite acts and artists.
(Party photos include:  dj's Jim Stanton and Severino of Horse Meat Disco, Lulu, Maarten van der Horst, Charlie Porter, Alex Noble, Quentin Jones, Peter Duffy, Zaiba Jabber, Princess Julia)

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