Monday, 31 December 2012

Monday 31st Dec: 2012 Review: Saga Sig - Part 1

"My stand out moment of 2012 would be the trip to Iceland in end of July beginning of August of this year.

For three weeks me, my boyfriend and family drove around the country.
I grew up in the countryside of Iceland, so I miss the Icelandic nature, the cold fresh air, the feeling that you are alone in the world,  the magical light and the people I love.

I remember two moments from this trip that were magical. My favourite time of the day is when the sun sets. The colours inspired me to start taking photos when I was little, somehow the worlds changes and becomes more magical and beautiful, the moments before the darkness.

The sunset when we drove through the heart of Iceland was so beautiful. On highland road / area Kjolur the sun was setting, the colours were magical, I was in awe."

Saga Sig, Photographer

See more of Saga's trips and photography on her site, Tumblr, and keep up to date with her news via Twitter  Facebook and beautiful blog.

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